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Based in High Harrogate, North Yorkshire, we bring 30+ years of audio, video, media and arts experience to the table.

CREAO (short for Creative Arts Organisation) is owned by Allan Smyth who has worked in the AV, arts and entertainment industry for 30+ years, the addition of CREAO to his existing AV hire and installation business ensures you get best practice service and kit in an informal but organised environment.

So, if you want to use our sound-insulated recording studio/practice space or our artist/video spaces. or you want to hire some audio visual equipment we are your people.

A natural progression of our endeavours was that we wanted to release music that appealed to us, so we have started the CREAO label for Traditional Dubbing across the genres. Have a look at the CREAO label please head over here.

Thursdays @Creao

Love Thursday evenings, record DJ Scooby's Sound of Wonder Show, listen back. This evening also had a Drop Leg Steppers rehearsal. Also, have a listen to this week's Parish News from Andy Backhouse. Rebuilt the booking form, burned some CDs, relocated a pile of tech....

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Sigil Of Brass

Did you know that there is a professional mastering studio in Harrogate? It is attached to Creao Studios. Sigil Of Brass rent out the sound-proof room for all of their needs. They combine digital know-how with a great set of ears to optimise the music that they are...

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Creao Website Redesign

We needed to address the growing aspiration of the studio and practice room - we were content with the older version of the website, but we felt we had outgrown the older build. We were happy to contact Andy at Andrew Backhouse Design to inquire about a...

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We have a new outlet for the music that we release. We have opened a Bandcamp page that allows us to sell the music we release as a specialist dub record label. Our main shop will always be our Greedbag Store - but it is good to have as many outlets as possible. Our...

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If you would like to book a recording session or project please use the button below to contact us! We look forward to hearing about your next musical project or your next artistic endeavour.

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