Artist Interview: DJ Scooby

Dec 1, 2019 | Artist Interview Series

This is the second of the Artist Interview Series and this month we are mixing up the format a bit. This is an audio interview with DJ Scooby who uses Creao Studio to record his radio shows and help organise Harrogate Community Radio.

DJ Scooby is a charity fundraiser, DJ, Radio show host and part of the admin of Harrogate Community Radio. Please scroll down to listen to a half-hour radio interview as recorded in Creao Studio for Open Aspect, on Harrogate Community Radio.

dj scooby

Below you will find an audio interview with DJ Scooby – a radio show called Open Aspect interviewed Scooby for Harrogate Community Radio. The interview took place in Creao and was recorded by Andy Backhouse. If you want to find out more about DJ Scooby, visit his website at

That wraps up the second of the Artist Interview Series. This month we interviewed DJ Scooby – you can find out more about Scooby by visiting He can be followed on Twitter HERE and his Facebook Page is HERE. Thanks for reading.

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