AV Hire Harrogate

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We cover Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire, York, Harrogate and North Yorkshire, we can deliver or you can collect from our Harrogate office. For a detailed break down of what we offer, please see our sister business, ASAV (Allan Smyth Audio Visual).

Allan Smyth Audio Visual is a family run business, Allan’s interest in Audio Visual started when he was at school, a state of the art video production suite had been installed and students were encouraged to learn the arts of video editing and sound recording, this was taken up by a small group of friends who produced Pythonesquespoof film based around their least favourite teachers and their imaginary second world war antics, much to their surprise it was shown during a morning assembly which caused a sharp exit by the production team as it showed certain Tutors in a rather dim light and it was felt that this may result in detentions, lines etc. however it was met with rapturous applause and much amusement on the part of both staff and students. There was also much interest in the workings of the Drama workshop and the Music rehearsal rooms where more skills in sound and lighting production were honed.

We house ASAV and CREAO under one roof – both branches of the same tree, so to speak. CREAO is the recording wing and ASAV is the Audio Visual Hire part of the business.

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