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We Have Changed The Booking System

The Creao Studio website has recently undergone a significant overhaul of its booking system. After consulting with Andrew Backhouse Design, we have transitioned from an eCommerce solution to a more tailored and efficient system that better suits the needs of our...

5 Ways You Can Support Your Favourite Local Musicians

Supporting local, amateur musicians is a great way to help the music community grow and thrive. Here are five ways you can show your support: 1 - Attend live performances: One of the best ways to support local, amateur musicians is to attend their live performances....

The First Of The Newsletters: Podcasts

The first of the Creao Newsletters is out there. In it I wrote about Podcasts and their success. Specifically the podcasts made at Creao Studio. So, let's tuck in... I thought I would kick off the first of the Creao Emails by telling you a success story. Read on......

Christmas Missal 2020 – Creao Studio

What happened in 2020 at Creao Studio? We had such a good start to the year. Things were going great in the first quarter of 2020 - then; Covid-19 came along and scuppered plans. Lock Down was terrible - we are the last people who would put our profits before your...

“How Can I Record A Podcast?”

Most of the people who we know have listened to a Podcast - Podcasts are short (sometimes an hour) audio magazines that are delivered to you via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or other third party apps like Stitcher - or some such. Have you ever...

New Studio Set-Up: You will Sound Amazing!

Have you ever wondered what you would sound like on a Champion rig? Well, now at Creao Studio there is a world-class sound system ready for use in the Harrogate DJ Studio or for Harrogate Music Producers. Book a space at Creao Studio to hear your...

Practice Room

Cork-lined loveliness; our room is custom built to make a loud noise.

Recording Studio

We have the ability to record your jam - get in contact with Allan and book him.

Audio Mastering

Whether you want a track or a DJ Mix mastered - get in contact.


Creao Academy

We teach you what we know and 'do' for a living. A Music College in Harrogate.

Let's Make Noise

We are a multi-faceted organisation,  please use the Button to book space in the sound studio or art spaces, this includes the use of our shared kitchen, there are shops and pubs just around the corner!

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