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A New Music Technology College In Harrogate

Creao Academy is a new Music Technology College opening in Creao Studio. If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a lesson plan mapped out for all capabilities on a wide range of topics. Creao Studio continues to supply the best rehearsal room for...

Harrogate Community Radio

After month of negotiation and wrangling, we are delighted to tell you that we are going to be the official studio for Harrogate Community Radio. Harrogate Community Radio is a venture that puts the people of Harrogate first. It is by the people of...

Book A Studio In Harrogate For DJ’ing

Do you want to book a studio in Harrogate for DJ'ing? As in, do you want to practice your set for an upcoming event on a good sound system where you can make a bit of noise? Do you live in Harrogate but you lack the equipment to be heard correctly at Home?...

“What’s That Smell?”

What's that smell? ... Ink? ... Yorkshire Tea? ... Success? Well, that smell is a combination of all three. We have a new resident at Creao Studio. Stinky's Riso Press has taken a room at Creao Studio to use as an Artist's Studio in Harrogate. We wish him...

Working With Focused Silence

We have a new, long-term client. Andy Backhouse, from the radio, has set up camp in Creao Studio with his label, Focused Silence. If you Google "Experimental Record Label" from anywhere in Europe (in English) then you will find him. What is Focused Silence? Focused...

Practice Room

Cork-lined loveliness; our room is custom built to make a loud noise.

Recording Studio

We have the ability to record your jam - get in contact with Allan and book him.

Record Label

A progression was that we wanted to release music made at Creao.


Creao Academy

We teach you what we know and 'do' for a living. A Music College in Harrogate.

Let's Make Noise

We are a multi-faceted organisation,  please use the Button to book space in the sound studio or art spaces, this includes the use of our shared kitchen, there are shops and pubs just around the corner!

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