Podcast Training

Podcasting can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Join a seasoned hand in the broadcasting industry, Andy Backhouse, as he shows you how to record and master your own podcast at Creao Studio. Podcast training with someone who knows what they are doing and has years of experience doing it.


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Podcast Training

Learn Podcasting Basics

Discover how to record your own voice on to your own equipment or using the studio’s equipment.

Learn Podcast Mastering

Master how to get your Podcast sounding smooth. Do you want the vocal ‘hiss’ removed from previous attempts – let’s start afresh!

Learn How To Submit Your Podcast

Find out how to submit your podcast to iTunes, Spotify and other resources and get the aggregators working for you.

Podcasting For The Radio

We have an active hand in Harrogate Community Radio. Learn how to produce your own radio show.

What To Do With Your Idea For A Podcast

Learn what equipment you need to podcast and learn how to use the equipment needed for podcasting.

Just Want To Dip You Toes In Podcasting?

If you just want to dip your toes in podcasting then come along and Andy can help you record a pilot.

About Us

Podcast Training

Join Andrew Backhouse as he shows you how to record & edit a podcast, all in Harrogate at Creao Studio. You are invited to use the Studio’s equipment or you can bring your own equipment and then Andy can show you how to get the best results from it. Andy has years of experience broadcasting on FM, DAB, Online and as a podcaster – and he has joined our team to help you get noticed! Check him out on Harrogate Community Radio HERE.

podcast training

Learn How To Podcast

Learn how to Podcast in the comfort of Creao Studio. Part of Creao Academy – Harrogate’s Music Tech Academy.
Creao Studio, 12b Regent Street, Harrogate HG1 4BE

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Podcast Training

Book Podcast Training In Harrogate

Book Podcast Training at Creao Academy.

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