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Allan has been mixing live and recorded music for 30+ years, recording everything from interviews to orchestral and choral performances. We have various mixers in house to learn on or you might want to bring in your own Sound Desk.


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Creao Studio
12b Regent Street

Sound Desk Workshop

Learn To Use Any Sound Desk

Allan has 30+ years mixing live music.

You Can Use Your Own Equipment

If you have your own sound desk you may learn something new through one of these workshops.

Analogue Or Digital

Allan can teach you how to use an analogue or digital sound desk.

We Help Bands Get The Best Sound

Are you in a band and you want to know how to use your sound desk for gigs?

Help & Training On Getting The Right Equipment For You

Ask Allan for advice on getting the right gear for your set up – and then he can teach you how to use it.

Just Want A Quick Introduction To Sound Desks?

Are you still not swayed? How about Allan shows you the basics of Sound Desk Craftsmanship using his own equipment. You’ve got nothing to lose. Try a taster session.

About Us

Sound Desk Workshops

Using a mixing desk is a pretty daunting challenge for many but it doesn’t need to be, throughout my career I have always been supprised at the amount of musicians who would rather eat their instrument than tackle the mixing desk at a gig or in the studio. With this in mind Allan has decided that it’s time to provide workshops on a one to one or group basis. Whether you need to start from scratch or brush up on the more advanced operations including the use of digital mixers we can provide detailed training that will have you producing great mixes and recordings while also understanding more about the live and recoding environments that present themselves.

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Learn How To Use A Sound Desk

Learn how to use a Sound Desk in the comfort of Creao Studio. Part of Creao Academy – Harrogate’s Music Tech Academy.
Creao Studio, 12b Regent Street, Harrogate HG1 4BE

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Sound Desk Workshops

Podcast Training

Book You Space On A Sound Desk Workshop

Book you space on a Sound Desk Workshop at Creao Academy.

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