Creao Studio Record Label

To complement our recording studio – we have launched our own specialist dub record label called CREAO Studio. CREAO Studio gives a home to traditional or digital dub that inspires us to create music. Dubbing is an art form that traverses musical genres. Whilst most commonly associated with Dub Reggae – there are many types of Dub Artists working in many types of different musical styles: Dub Techno, Experimental Dub and Dub Drone. We feel true Dubbing, Dub Reggae, has a place here on our specialist dub record label, CREAO Studio.

Let's Make Noise

We are a practice room, we are a recording studio & we are a record label. If you want to get in contact with us to book time or to submit a demo then feel free. 

[email protected]
12b Regent Street, Harrogate HG1 4BE
07973 426213

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