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If you want to hire space to practice with the pro-grade DJ equipment – as a seasoned hand or a beginner – then Creao Studio can help. Please scroll down to see what we can do for you.

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12b Regent Street, Harrogate HG1 4BE

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07973 426213


We Cater For CD DJs

We have the ability to help you with your mix if you DJ from CD.


We Cater For Rekordbox DJs

We have the ability to help you with your mix if you DJ from Rekordbox.


We Cater For Traktor DJs

We have the ability to help you with your mix if you DJ from Traktor Software.

DJ Studio Hire In Harrogate

Our spacious, professionally equipped DJ studio space in Creao Studio, Harrogate is the perfect setting for both experienced DJs and those in training to practice and polish skills or simply try out the latest equipment. Space and set-up is also suitable for streaming and video recording of your sets.

Creao Studio is open 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm to help you work around your schedule. You are welcome to bring up to two friends with you to keep you company.

Hire is available from two hours up to a full-day and is chargeable every two hours, at £15.00 p/h. A member of our team will always be around to assist you should you need help.

Available DJ equipment:

  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ850
  • 2 x Pioneer DJM800 mixer
  • 1 x NI TRAKTOR S4
  • 1 x NI TRAKTOR F1
  • 1 x NI TRAKTOR Z1
  • 1 x Zoom H5 recorder

Our studio is fitted out with Fostex NF monitors.

Standard hire includes 2 x Pioneer CDJs 850 and 1 x DJM800 mixer. If you need additional equipment from the list above, please email Allan Smyth at beforehand.

Practice Room

Cork-lined loveliness; our room is custom built to make a loud noise.

Recording Studio

We have the ability to record your jam - get in contact with Allan and book him.

Audio Mastering

Whether you want a track or a DJ Mix mastered - get in contact.


Creao Academy

We teach you what we know and 'do' for a living. A Music College in Harrogate.

Let's Make Noise

We are a multi-faceted organisation,  please use the Button to book space in the sound studio or art spaces, this includes the use of our shared kitchen, there are shops and pubs just around the corner!

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