Creao Academy is a new Music Technology College opening in Creao Studio. If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a lesson plan mapped out for all capabilities on a wide range of topics. Creao Studio continues to supply the best rehearsal room for you money as well as being a recording studio and a record label. But, we have a new string to our bow …

Between us, the tutors have decades of teaching experience. Be this teaching in Higher Education or helping bands learn how to use their newly purchased equipment. We have the best Tutors Harrogate has to offer because they all ‘do’ what they teach professionally. We are a trio of like-minded people who met when Harrogate Community Radio was founded. We clicked and the rest is history. So, if you are just starting out or you are a professional but need a refresher with new gear then get in contact.

DJ Lesons In Harrogate

We have teamed up with a local veteran of the club scene, Craig J. Craig started DJ’ing in the 1980’s at Community Centres in Leeds – his passion was cemented in the rave scene of the late eighties, early nineties and now he is a professional DJ – if anything his passion for his craft grows with each gig. Craig can teach you how to DJ from vinyl. CDs or a controller – he is comfortable mixing any genre and he can show you how to mix any genre.


Sound Desk Workshops In Harrogate

Allan Smyth is the owner fo Creao Studio – he has been mixing live bands and music for 30+ years. Allan will teach you how to get the best sound from you equipment in a live setting. We have decided that it’s time to provide workshops on a one to one or group basis. Whether you need to start from scratch or brush up on the more advanced operations including the use of digital mixers we can provide detailed training that will have you producing great mixes and recordings while also understanding more about the live and recoding environments that present themselves. We have various mixers in house to learn on or you might want to bring in your own.


Podcasting Lessons In Harrogate

Andy Backhouse has 5+ years experience in the broadcasting field and he is a qualified teacher. He has been broadcast on DAB, FM and Online. His radio show, The Parish News, is syndicated the world over. Andy can show you how to use your own equipment or he can show you how to use the studo’s equipment. Advice can be given as to what equipment you need for podcasting and he is keen to enable people to submit shows to Harrogate Community Radio, a project he has bubbling away in the background that is broadcasting right now.


Creao Academy is what we are calling the venture – we hope to expand, but at the moment we offer Podcasting Lessons, DJ Lessons and Sound Desk Workshops. All tutored by people who ‘do’ what they teach full-time. We have reached out and sourced the finest tutors. All of the lessons are £12.50 an hour (plus £12.50 room hire = £25) and there is the option to book the lesson on this page.

So then, Creao Academy is ‘go!’ We are actively seeking bookings. So, if you want to have a go at learning a new skill get in contact – we are open to suggestions as to how we can adapt our Music Technology Academy to your needs – if there is something that there is enough demand to learn then we can source the appropriate tutor and get you going with lessons. If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a lesson plan mapped out for all capabilities on a wide range of topics.

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