What happened in 2020 at Creao Studio? We had such a good start to the year. Things were going great in the first quarter of 2020 – then; Covid-19 came along and scuppered plans.

Lock Down was terrible – we are the last people who would put our profits before your lives. But, the way the fiasco played out under the Tory party beggared belief. The Conservative Government made it a lot worse. What momentum we had been building up soon evaporated in to the æther. It was a worrying time…

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We had a brief reprise in that Andy B managed to sell the printer that had been stored in the kitchen of the studio. Getting out, through the doors and down the step was a nightmare but ‘Tons Of Fun’ put his back in to it. He invested the money from the printer in to a synthesiser and part way towards a sound rig. The synthesiser is a Drone Commander – one of the later ones, not the version housed in an ammo crate.

There was a lot of radio going on – Harrogate Community Radio carried on broadcasting in the cloud – despite lock down. We did not meet up but went to the cloud – we found that by meeting on Zencastr we could record our voices better than on Skype. This meant we could continue with Roots Conversation as well as letting Scooby do Sound Of Wonder. Andy carried on with The Parish News in his own home studio. this was by no means as good as a studio set up – the acoustics of our houses paled in comparison with Creao, you could not look your presenter in the eye and get the go ahead to argue a link; it was a half way measure.

We had a brief gap in Lock Down when we were allowed bands in and then Lock Down 2.0 (Lock Down Lite) kicked in – thankfully, bands were still allowed to meet in the studio, thanks to forward thinking at Harrogate Borough Council. It was an uncomfortable time to work – but we came out the other side.

And, now this is being blogged in the run up to Christmas – it has been a horrible, horrible year personally and for business; I will be glad to see the tail end of 2020. So, I want to thank you for your patronage if you came through the door and I hope 2021 brings better luck with the situation. The studio remains open through the festive period although you should know by now the best way is to book online. To book the studio click HERE.

So on behalf of everyone at Creao Studio we wish you the best Christmas you can make for yourself – try and make the most of  your time and then we can regroup and come back stronger for 2021. All the best.

Allan & Team.

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