New Studio Set-Up: You will Sound Amazing!

Aug 21, 2020 | News

Have you ever wondered what you would sound like on a Champion rig? Well, now at Creao Studio there is a world-class sound system ready for use in the Harrogate DJ Studio or for Harrogate Music Producers. Book a space at Creao Studio to hear your tracks like you have never heard them before.

We now are in the possession of a Neumann rig. As you may know, we rent out the premises to Sigil Of Brass, the Mastering Studio in Yorkshire. They needed an accurate rig to hear what they were doing.

It is all very well having the best equipment to tame a harsh master – but, if you can’t hear the full spectrum of sound then it would be pointless. Sigil Of Brass are letting Creao Studio use the monitors for aspiring Music Producers in Harrogate and for DJs who want to practice with the studio’s Pioneer DJ RX2 or Rekordbox-enabled CDJs – hell, spin vinyl if you want on our 1210’s.

We have the equipment that will let you be heard well – so, if you want to hear yourself as you will never have heard yourself before, just book space at the studio.

You will be amazed at how you will sound. We have played back reference tracks through the system and we are hearing new parts to the music that we did not know were there. It is mind blowing. After the production of his podcast, we played Sound Of Wonder (the World Music Radio Show) through the system to DJ Scooby – he said it was like he had just been to a gig. Yes, they are that good.

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