At Creao Studio we have long had an association with broadcast media. We helped pioneer Harrogate Alternative Radio when it was broadcasting, and we continue in the same vein with renting out the studio to radio production teams and their hosts.

The longest standing partnership in this respect is with DJ Scooby and Sound Of Wonder. Sound Of Wonder is what you would have associated the late John Peel with broadcasting – you are guaranteed to hear something fresh and interesting: be this Parisian Punk, Icelandic Songstress’ or Bollywood Horror Soundtracks and Mongolian Throat Singing. Scoob really does connect the musical dots on his show and it is broadcast, in his own unique style, on Easy-Street Radio every Sunday. To listen to the show either head over to his website at or tune in to the embedded player below.

The second show to have an association with Creao Studio in Harrogate is The Parish News. Presented by Andy Backhouse (him from Guerrilla Dub System and a Sound Artist in his own right) rocks up and plays two-hours of mind-melting noise, field recordings, experimental music and vintage electronica – including some of the most cutting-edge avant-garde music Europe has to offer. He has built himself a website for the venture that can tell you far more about this show than I can – to see his site head over to – you have been warned.

The newest venture in radio that Creao is pleased to associate itself with is Roots Conversation – Guerrilla Dub System’s Roots Radio Show. It is very much in its infancy, but there seems to be a bit of a buzz in the air on their site. If you want to listen to the first instalment of the show be sure to press play below.

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