Did you know that there is a professional mastering studio in Harrogate? It is attached to Creao Studios.

Sigil Of Brass rent out the sound-proof room for all of their needs. They combine digital know-how with a great set of ears to optimise the music that they are given. Sigil Of Brass take the rough recording and make it ready for sale. This could be CD duplication or replication or they will make the music ready for sale as a digital download.

sigil of brass mastering studioIndeed, we run the majority of the music by Guerrilla Dub System through Sigil Of Brass. Sigil Of Brass has some big-name clients – the experimental record label, Focused Silence, run all of their music through the studio too.

Sigil Of Brass is run by Andy Backhouse – him off the radio and one half of Guerrilla Dub System. To see more about the Mastering Studio in Harrogate click HERE.

If you are keen to rent out the studio (or any of the space in Creao) then please get in contact – I can be reached at info@allansmyth.co.uk or you can phone me – my details are on the Contact Page.

To see the website about Sigil Of Brass, click HERE. On their site, you will be able to upload music directly to them and they have a quick but thorough turn around. To see about renting business or office space at Creao Studio then please click on THIS LINK to be forwarded to the Bookings Page for Creao Studio. We have a range of different rooms and spaces for you to rent out.

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