We Are Part Of A Mastering Studio

Can you remember when I went on about Sigil Of Brass in THIS blog post? Well, we have some news for you; we have gone in to partnership with them. We have joined forces with Andy Backhouse to bring professional mastering to all who need it at democratic prices. We figure that mastering for your song is a necessity and we do not want to price anyone out of contention

If you head to this page you will see how we have structured our pricing. Yes, we are a ‘we’ on this. And a very excited ‘we’ at that. Creao Studio has joined forces with Sigil Of Brass to work on mastering your audio. If you want to see more about Sigil Of Brass then please visit www.sigilofbrass.com – it is a good site and they work alongside Creao Studio for a good number of projects.

“Why Should I Get My Tracks Mastered?”

Essentially, mastering is the link between the pro-audio industry and the hi-fi industry. The idea behind this is to take something that sounds good on professional grade studio monitors, and make it sound equally as good on a home system. To sound equally as good on Sennheiser HD650’s and Apple Earbuds.

With the changing trends in the music industry it is worth having your songs and album mastered. It can be the difference in getting noticed instead of getting brushed under the rug with amateurs.

“What’s The Goal?”

The goal of mastering is to mix the balance issues and enhance audio characteristics of your music – it’s like putting the icing on the cake. This is the final step before your song or album goes on to be distributed to consumers.

Audio engineers will make sure your music is converted to CD speeds, set track indexes, prepare for conversion to high-resolution audio files, and include all the metadata needed to make sure your music gets broadcasted correctly.

Mastering takes time and precision to ensure that your album is consistent and properly compressed so all the tracks sound the same when they are playing back-to-back on an album. Equalised levels need to be even on each track before they can be compressed into audio files, or they won’t sound consistent.

Can you imagine having to adjust the volume every time a new song starts to play?

No, I can’t either. That is why having your music professionally mastered is so important to the quality of your music. It is better for the listener’s experience, which is who you want to impress!

The plan is to keep the mastering as under Sigil Of Brass and cross-pollinate with Creao on issues. But, Sigil of Brass Mastering Studio works in a highly creative environment. The room they use is technically and acoustically treated so we can achieve the best results for you. Working in a controlled listening environment offers Andy & Allan a new perspective on your recording and is essential for success in today’s marketplace. Which is a highly competitive industry. Combining experienced audio engineers and a fantastic range of mastering equipment, you can count on Sigil Of Brass to make your track into one of a highly professional standard.

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