We Are Temporarily Closing

Mar 19, 2020 | News

It is with a heavy heart that Allan has decided that the best course of action is to temporarily close the studio for rehearsals or any activity. There will be no access to the building as of 8pm March 20th 2020. We have taken the Booking form offline and we will not allow access to the studio from 8pm 20th March 2020. If you need to pick up anything then please get in contact with Allan of Creao Studio.

You will have heard on the news about the rapid spread of Covid-19 (or, Coronavirus as it is also known). We are being cautious and shutting up shop until this has all subsided.

We have friends and relatives who are elderly, infirm or working on the frontline and we do not want to further spread this potentially lethal virus.

Unique times call for unique measures. We are trying to behave in a way that will make us proud of ourselves in ten years time when history has taken stock of the events around the Pandemic.

During these times of isolation we wish you all the best. That you follow Expert’s advice and that you behave in a reasonable way – be the person you would need if you were isolating.

If you are stuck at home, due to the pandemic, then there is always local radio, from Harrogate, that will keep you entertained. It could be a good opportunity to brush up on that difficult chord change or a chance to nail those scales.

Either way – on behalf of everyone involved with Creao Studio we hope that you stay safe and that normality resumes soon. We have put a button on the bottom of this post to point you to the Creao Facebook Page – it is there that you will be able to keep up to date with developments on the studio’s situation.

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