What’s that smell? … Ink? … Yorkshire Tea? … Success? Well, that smell is a combination of all three. We have a new resident at Creao Studio. Stinky’s Riso Press has taken a room at Creao Studio to use as an Artist’s Studio in Harrogate. We wish him all the best with his venture. The Riso Printing Press is absolutely massive!

Well, what is Riso Printing? If you imagine what the offspring of a Photocopier and a Screen-Printer would be then you are close to seeing what the Riso press is like. It has an air of haphazard randomness to it that makes it … well, really cool. The Riso press is ideal for fine art prints and making zines – something that is a bit throw away yet attains cult status. The ink is sticky and the process is messy. But it is very cool.

If you want to find out more about Stinky’s Riso Press then click the link HERE. There is already a website for it and they are open for business.

The Radio Of The Future

You may remember from a previous post (Recording the Radio Of The Future, December 2017) that we have been running a trial for Podcast Production in Harrogate? Well, the results of the trial were outstanding – given a professional recording environment, The Parish News has been snapped up by a Digital Network in Brighton – which is in turn syndicated to Greater London, Bristol, Norwich & Cambridge. Andy Backhouse, the man behind The Parish News, has said that without Creao Studio the radio show would not be in such good health. Click HERE to see about recording a Podcast in Harrogate.

We started off by going with the industry standard, Adobe Audition, but we now use our own tailored software. We took what we learnt from Adobe Audition and applied it to the new software. The results are in and they are fantastic. Check it out:

Well, that is a wrap. We may start blogging at the end of every month to keep you up to date with our busy fun-centre, Creao Studio. But, if you want to consider having your own podcast, we now have years of experience in the field. Get in contact with me, Allan, at info@allansmyth.co.uk and I can talk you through the basics of what you need to bring to the studio. We have various packages all at cheap as chips prices – this will allow you to make a professional podcast. For more on the service, please see the appropriate page HERE.

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