We have a new, long-term client. Andy Backhouse, from the radio, has set up camp in Creao Studio with his label, Focused Silence. If you Google “Experimental Record Label” from anywhere in Europe (in English) then you will find him.

What is Focused Silence? Focused Silence is an independent record label, publisher and music supervisor, releasing and licensing various electronic, folio and jazz music since 2016. What began as a playful interaction between electronic music and experimental art projects has developed over the years under the tutelage of music lovers and label entrepreneur Andy into a multi-faceted international artists’ portfolio with an astonishing output.

The label’s first release was Orb In A Field. The label started so that the participants of the workshop could download the work they did upon completion – and to make it available for their loved ones. The label then grew into a field recording label before amalgamating with the deceased Artapes Productions.

Focused Silence is currently looking for demos – so, if like me, you want in at the ground level then contact Andy at hello@focusedsilence.com. Focused Silence only deals in experimental music and field recordings. But, how do you define experimental? Well, not all experimental music is taken into consideration for the label – it is primarily Experimental-Ambient or Field Recordings.

You can check out their site by visiting www.focusedsilence.com.

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