The first of the Creao Newsletters is out there. In it I wrote about Podcasts and their success. Specifically the podcasts made at Creao Studio. So, let’s tuck in… I thought I would kick off the first of the Creao Emails by telling you a success story. Read on… You do know that we have several podcasts based out of the studio? There is Sound Of Wonder, The Parish News & also Roots Conversation, the roots reggae podcast – to name a few. You can find out about these podcasts and shows at

It is about Roots Conversation that I hope to talk about with you for a bit, if that is okay. Did you know that it has had over 2,000 streams in the past 30 days?

That is incredible in anyone’s book – you can tune in to it wherever you get your podcasts from.

Another success story is The Parish News, the experimental and avant-garde show. It is a two hour show broadcast weekly on Resonance EXTRA and it is just shy of 800 streams in the past 30 days – most of their listenership, as a podcast, is stateside.

The Parish News is hosted by long-time studio collaborator Andrew Backhouse.

A podcast close to the studio’s hearts is Sound Of Wonder – hosted by the local force-to-be-reckoned-with DJ Scooby, the show takes a helicopter view of the global music scene. There is everything from Moroccan Rave, Ghanian Hip-Hop to Mongolian Metal in these shows.

Also, a quick mention to Backwards K who record their radio show “The K Hour” for Harrogate Community Radio in the studio, too. You can find out more about Backwards K and The K Hour on the station’s website. On The K Hour, DJ Brenz & friends present a mix of Dance and House music from the 90s to the present day. Broadcasting every Sunday on Harrogate Community Radio at 11pm, for those who don’t want the weekend to stop.

So, hopefully you can tune in to one of the podcasts or shows mentioned above. Andy has created a handy link page for all of the above mentioned – just head to to make your wildest dreams come true.

If you fancy having a crack at making a podcast – we have a studio set up that can help and there are lessons available from the studio site. So, head to to make your wildest dreams come true.

Kind regards,
Allan Smyth

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