A Video Podcast Studio

Record a high quality video podcast effortlessly. An engineer will be there to set up and talk you through the recording process.

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12b Regent Street, Harrogate HG1 4BE

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07973 426213

Easy To Use

Record quality podcasts without needing any technical skills. An engineer will be there to help set up and guide you through the recording process.

Spacious & Film-Ready

Comfort is key to record quality podcasts. The podcast studio is spacious so you can film your podcasts and record in large groups.

A Well-Equipped Studio

Your session comes with four microphones. If you want to record up to six people you can add two extra microphones for an additional cost.

A Video Podcast Studio

An engineer will sit through the recording session, syncing the cameras & audio and capturing reactions to your questions on HD Ready video cameras. There will be three broadcast-quality cameras dotted around the room. You can discuss with your engineer where you would like the cameras.

Three microphones are included with your booking. If you want to record up to twelve people you can add up to this number of microphones to your booking at an additional fee.

Lighting is key to the production of your video podcast. In our video podcast studio we benefit from being the sister company to Allan Smyth Audio Visual – we have all the production-ready equipment that we need.

Practice Room

Cork-lined loveliness; our room is custom built to make a loud noise.

Recording Studio

We have the ability to record your jam - get in contact with Allan and book him.

Audio Mastering

Whether you want a track or a DJ Mix mastered - get in contact.


Creao Academy

We teach you what we know and 'do' for a living. A Music College in Harrogate.

Let's Make Noise

We are a multi-faceted organisation,  please use the Button to book space in the sound studio or art spaces, this includes the use of our shared kitchen, there are shops and pubs just around the corner!

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