After month of negotiation and wrangling, we are delighted to tell you that we are going to be the official studio for Harrogate Community Radio. Harrogate Community Radio is a venture that puts the people of Harrogate first. It is by the people of Harrogate, for the people of Harrogate. And, it all started here in Creao Studio …

Readers of this blog will know that we have a proven track record for the production of podcasts and radio shows – stretching back years. This includes The Parish News and the Sound Of Wonder. So, we got together a band of like minded souls and set to work on the start of a new, community radio station for the town. Harrogate Community Radio is a grass-roots movement to give people in the local community a voice. To give everyone who feels under-represented a voice for change. The original ethos behind the Harrogate Community Radio movement is to unite the separate music scenes in Harrogate and bring about an umbrella for local producers, musicians, hosts and talent. You can find out what they are up to by visiting

We feel there is currently a lack of opportunity in the local area for local grass-roots acts to get a foot hold – this is, where I hope Harrogate Community Radio will come in; acting as a springboard to future, greater careers. We are a local media outlet led by the local community. A democratic outlet for local groups and bodies to have a voice.

The Future Of The Town

Harrogate Community Radio is an idea that a town can be united through music. There are many different scenes in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – and, we are the richer for it – but is there anywhere where people can unite and feel part of something greater? We hope that Harrogate Community Radio will be that place.

Harrogate Community Radio is an inclusive broadcast platform for Harrogate & District. We showcase all that is good from the Harrogate area. We are community orientated and we are community driven. Broadcasting solely online, we will be up and running August 2019. All you will need is an Internet connection to tune in – just head to and click on LISTEN. It even works on mobiles.

Until Scheduled Broadcasting Starts








They already have a test broadcast going out and all of the licenses have been bought – this means that we are good to go come midnight on the first of August … will you be staying up late to tune in?

All you need to do is visit their website to listen.

With a Head-Quarters @ Creao Studio in Harrogate – they are looking for Broadcasters. So, if you think you have the level of commitment needed to broadcast once a week or one a fortnight (or even once a month!) then please see the Open Call for Broadcasters on their home page on their site. The web address for Harrogate Community Radio is  – They would love to hear from you. They currently have a test broadcast of Birdsong (as recorded by Andy Backhouse) being broadcast – full scheduled programming starts on 1st August.

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