“How Can I Record A Podcast?”

Oct 26, 2020 | What Does Creao Do

Most of the people who we know have listened to a Podcast – Podcasts are short (sometimes an hour) audio magazines that are delivered to you via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or other third party apps like Stitcher – or some such. Have you ever thought about making a Podcast and, more importantly, do you know how to make a podcast? Why do I ask? Because we are, amongst other things, a Podcast studio.

We Are A Podcast Studio

Among other things, we are a Podcast Studio. Creao has a great room that is cork-lined, so you will be able to have a really warm tone to your voice. We have matching Sonotronic Microphones. This means that no-one’s mic will give them an edge in fidelity or sound – you will all be equal. We have a Mac Mini to record the actual audio, that is if you do want to bring your own computer. We also have a great eight channel Roland Sound Card which we plug your mics into (acting as the bridge between mic and computer) who’s pre-amps are phenomenal.

We Work With: Guerrilla Dub System

Guerrilla Dub System have a Podcast called Roots Conversation. It is a roots reggae podcast and quite a good one at that, with around 2,000 listeners a month. The duo, GDS, have a Limited Online Music License and are legally allowed to play music on their podcast. They have a large following and have collaborated with Lee “Scratch” Perry. On their Podcast, they are joined by DJ Scooby.

We Work With: DJ Scooby

DJ Scooby is a local lad, based in Harrogate – he hosts the Sound Of Wonder podcast. The Sound Of Wonder is a World Music podcast – Scooby has a similar license to Guerrilla Dub System and is allowed to play tunes that are available to the public. He is vouched for by PRS and PPL. Have a list to his show and let us know what you make to it… it is a great, surprising listen.

We Work With: Mrs Moons

Mrs Moons is the host of the Gathering The Mushrooms podcast and radio show – it is broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio and she is a face on the local folk scene. Mrs Moons bills her shows for people who are in to crushed velvet or Aran Jumpers – there is so much breadth to her shows that it forms an engaging listen.

We Work With: Having It Out

The “Having It out” lads use Creao. Their show is great!

We Work With: Andy Backhouse

Local broadcaster Andy Backhouse records at Creao Studio. When he is not making music, he is recording his syndicated Podcast in our podcast studio. Called The Parish News, this show plays experimental music and sound art. The Parish News is broadcast on Resonance Extra, Soundart Radio and Harrogate Community Radio. Andy often gets ‘exclusives’ to play and has a big supply of biscuits with him at all times.

So, if you are after a professional set-up for recording your podcast, have a word with Allan – the contact page is here. Prices start form £15/hour and you can have a technician sit in for your recording at the same time, should you so wish. If you are just setting out on your podcast journey and you would like a bit of tuition, we have lessons available as part of Creao Academy – the music technology school in Harrogate.

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