Today, on the nineteenth of October 2019, we held an open studio for Harrogate Community Radio – the online community radio station that we are affiliated with. It was a success.

The damp weather did not stop people coming down. Harrogate Community Radio had a high conversion rate of people walking through the door to committing to starting a show – they have a few irons in the fire and it is great to see them succeed like this. Here are some of the photos from the day –

Thanks to Richard Leadbitter for bringing a stunning array of Audio-Technica mics and headphones to play with through an Allen and Heath SQ6. The BP40 is the clear winner of the Podmic class, here seen naked alongside the Shure SM7 which we love. But, the Audio-Technica is a bit cheaper and has useful gain and absolutely gets your voice out there. Especially when talking over program music. We can supply these for you to make your podcast. Just give us ample warning.

There was plenty of cake and coffee for both Vegans, Omnivores and non-partakers. It was a wholesome ‘do’. Karen Thornton quickly learned how to use Instagram and did the station proud.

The idea of the open day was for people to get rid of any technical fears about the recording process – we have offered the use of Andy to help record your show as you go about learning how to record your own show. This can be done by booking space on the Creao Studio website. To book space on the Creao Studio website, just head over HERE.

There was a good conversion rate for the station. All of the people who walked through the doors of Creao Studio this afternoon managed to secure the opportunity to to get the admin of the station’s ears. It was a success. The station could be broadcasting Funk, Pop, Metal – spanning the sub-genres and decades – in a few weeks time. Either way, Creao has become a community Hub. It was a great exercise in reaching out to the community and meeting them, where they wanted to be. Creao is a force for good in Harrogate.

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